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AeroMACS Advances Worldwide as the Standardized Solution for the Airport Surface


Ground Communication Improvements Enabled by Secure Wireless Broadband Technology to Support the Safety and Regularity of Flights


CLACKAMAS, OR – December 20, 2017 – The WiMAX Forum®, the leading nonprofit organization that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon IEEE Standard 802.16, continues its efforts to advance the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) globally. The WiMAX Forum and its member companies, through a wide variety of worldwide activities, are raising awareness about the value of this secure wireless broadband technology for the airport surface to further advance AeroMACS deployments and improve ground communication.

In 2017, the WiMAX Forum has participated in several industry events, meetings, and technical activities to demonstrate AeroMACS as a vital industry standard selected to support the safety and regularity of flights. AeroMACS is key to improving Air Traffic Management (ATM), it brings multiple advantages to the aviation industry in terms of connectivity, cost-effectiveness, security and efficiency. AeroMACS operates in the protected and licensed aviation spectrum band enabling ground-to-aircraft communications through hundreds of fixed and mobile applications. It lowers operating costs, financial risk, and fuel consumption while reducing the risk of airport mishaps and time spent maneuvering in congested areas.

Throughout the year, AeroMACS achieved significant milestones with the collaboration of key players in the aviation industry. In February, the WiMAX Forum welcomed Leonardo Company and Telrad Networks to its Board of Directors. These two companies along with Siemens, an existing Board Member, are the three worldwide leaders in the development and deployment of AeroMACS. In March, EUROCONTROL shared the results of a survey which confirmed the interest in AeroMACS among European stakeholders and the capability of the technology to address the aviation community’s needs. In April, the WiMAX Forum submitted a petition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requesting adoption of service rules for AeroMACS in the United States. In June, the FCC Implemented the WRC-12 AeroMACS Report and Order.

In July, the ARINC 766: AeroMACS Transceiver and Aircraft Installation Standards, which specifies the form, fit, and function for AeroMACS to be installed in aircraft was published. Also in July, the WiMAX Forum initiated a strategic partnership with Eonti to secure AeroMACS networks and deliver AeroMACS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Implementation and Management. In September, the WiMAX Forum published the Embraer tests with Siemens in Brazil establishing that Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry Services (AMT) and AeroMACS can operate together without interference. Also in September, the WiMAX Forum met with the FCC to discuss the overwhelming positive comments received on the AeroMACS Rulemaking Petition and address certain issues raised. In December, the WiMAX Forum and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) signed an agreement to collaborate in the oversight of AeroMACS PKI globally to deliver secure networks.

Over the next few months, more AeroMACS announcements will be forthcoming. In the United States, AeroMACS has been confirmed to be widely deployed through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) program, and it is part of the Boeing datalink implementation roadmap ecoDemonstrator program focused on harvesting new technologies.

In China, Aviation Data Communication Corporation (ADCC) has implemented AeroMACS projects in Chengdu and Beijing Capital Airports. ADCC has been formally authorized to install AeroMACS in 110 airports and expects installation in the top 30 traffic ranked airports prior to 2019. The Civil Aviation Authority of China is supporting the implementation of AeroMACS across the Chinese National Air System to enable D-Taxi. ADCC is in active trials with 4 Chinese Air Carriers to test this connectivity and is supported by Honeywell and Siemens.

In Latin America, an AeroMACS multilateration project is under consideration in Argentina and a test is being planned in Brazil. In Europe, an AeroMACS project expansion has been approved in Portugal. In the Middle East, deployments are budgeted in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. WiMAX Forum AeroMACS Manufacturers have committed to delivering complete WiMAX Forum Certified systems (Base Stations and Devices) to the market in 2018.

AeroMACS was highlighted at various aviation events this year including ACI-NA Annual Conference in Fort Worth, AAAE Runway Safety Summit in Orlando, AEEC AeroMACS Working Group in Coral Gables, ATCA in National Harbor, Avionics for NextGen in Herndon, DECEA Communications Workshop in Rio de Janeiro, ICAO GANIS/SANIS in Montreal, ICNS in Herndon, IFALPA in Montreal, World ATM Congress in Madrid, and other locations to foster a more prosperous environment and future for the ecosystem.

“Our activities this year have led to the expansion of AeroMACS worldwide,” said Declan Byrne, WiMAX Forum President. “We will continue to increase awareness of, educate, and meet with industry leaders about implementing and developing AeroMACS networks in ways that will best serve all stakeholders to relieve traffic, reduce congestions, prevent delays, and support the safety and regularity of flight.”

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