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Smart Cities

Municipalities have complex communications needs and often struggle to cope while relying on dated systems. Cities need to balance the desire for better and more efficient ways to manage their assets, provide services to their citizens, and protect the public; with the need to save on operational costs, reduce network complexity and focus on more environmentally friendly solutions. In order to accomplish these goals, they require a technology that is mature with a solid ecosystem and robust upload capabilities.

WiMAX technology is the ideal wireless broadband solution for municipalities to use in their Smart Cities projects. WiMAX technology is already utilized to manage all aspects of a Smart City: from Asset Management (Police vehicles, Buses, Trains, City Maintenance Vehicles, Emergency Response Vehicles, etc.) to Libraries, Traffic Management and City Security and more. WiMAX networks can be used for Smart Grid meter readings, traffic light management, backhaul to public Wi-Fi networks, remote link to video surveillance cameras, automated credit card authorization for city parking meters and much more. WiMAX technology also integrates smoothly into multi-technology networks, provided needed muscle for backhaul and integration with Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and more.

The WiMAX Forum is dedicated to ensuring the success of a vibrant ecosystem of WiMAX equipment manufacturers, device vendors, system’s integrators and network owners. We as an organization stand ready to help municipalities understand the ecosystem, wrestle with regulatory challenges, and provide networking with industry leaders. To join our effort, please contact membership at, or visit our membership page for more information.

For more information on successful use cases of WiMAX for Smart Cities, please enjoy the following case studies: