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WiMAX® Optimized for Smart Grid Applications


The Smart Grid is an evolving network of new technologies, equipment, and controls working together to respond immediately to today’s demand for electricity. The WiMAX Forum® believes that Smart Grid or “WiGRID™ networks” will be powered by a mix of best-fit communications technologies, and we are working hard as an organization to position both WiMAX operators and WiMAX vendors to succeed in serving the diverse needs of the Utility Industry.

WiGRID is an ideal wireless broadband communications technology optimized for Smart Grid network applications. Already in use by utilities across the globe, WiMAX technology can fit into a utility network in any capacity from wireless backhaul to a full end-to-end WiMAX-to-the-meter solution. Utilities considering a WiGRID solution can choose to partner with existing WiMAX operators in their area or build their own private wireless network using WiGRID, a new IEEE 802.16-based wireless Ethernet system profile developed by Utility Companies within the WiMAX Forum Smart Energy Working Group.

The Smart Energy Working Group acts as a focal point for Utility interest in WiMAX as a technology for Smart Grid Applications, and it will promote WiMAX as the premiere technology for Smart Grid Applications on a global basis by defining utility requirements and technology profiles that drive network and air interface specifications and certification for WiGRID networks and products to ensure the development of a healthy eco-system of interoperable Smart Grid centric product solutions.

WiGRID Certification   The WiMAX Forum offers WiGRID Certification, which is available at the WiGRID Designated Certification Laboratory (WDCL). WiGRID, AeroMACS – WiMAX Forum Certified, and WiMAX Forum Certified products attest to their conformance to IEEE Std 802.16, ensuring interoperability worldwide. Certified products that have been through the certification program will reduce investment uncertainties for all parties in the access network value chain, from technology providers to service providers to end users. To learn more about certification, please visit: WiMAX Forum Certification.

The Smart Energy Working Group (SEWG) provides coordinated input from the Utility Industry to other Working Groups and the WiMAX Forum Board. Participation is open to all WiMAX Forum Members. SEWG is the single source for coordinated recommendations and requirements that drive WiMAX Specifications for Smart Grid applications. The SEWG provides marketing support to position WiMAX in the Utility Industry and maximize participation in this market segment.

The Smart Grid industry continues to grow rapidly, and analysts at Lucintel expect it to reach approximately USD $57 billion by 2016 with a CAGR of 13% over the next four years. As Utilities consider the best technologies with which to upgrade their networks, many have already determined that wireless broadband is an essential component of the Smart Grid revolution. WiGRID is a new IEEE 802.16 system profile developed by Utility Companies for Utility companies. This wireless Ethernet technology is already successfully in use by Utilities around the globe. Learn how WiGRID is an ideal technology for providing wireless connectivity in Smart Grid Networks, and is already doing so in major deployments today.

With respect to WiMAX and WiGRID, the WiMAX Forum offers:

  • Development of voluntary standards and specifications for wireless networking and telecommunications serving the utility industry.
  • Engineering services, namely, engineering for the wireless networking, utility, and telecommunications industries.
  • Technical consultation in the field of wireless networking and telecommunications products and services.

Whether you are a Utility, a WiMAX operator, or a WiMAX Vendor, the WiMAX Forum stands ready to help your business grow! To learn more about becoming a WiMAX Forum member, click here; or to learn more about WiMAX for Smart Grid and see some current case studies, click below:

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Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP)

The WiMAX Forum is dedicated to the future of smart grid technologies. As such, we are proud to announce that we are a Founding Member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), a Delaware-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a framework accelerating standards harmonization and advancing interoperability of Smart Grid devices and systems. SGIP represents the interests of seven integrated power system domains – end users, markets, service providers, operations, bulk generation, transmission, and distribution – by facilitating collaboration between the thousands of SGIP participants, led by a volunteer Board of Directors currently representing 22 stakeholder categories. For more information on the SGIP, please visit