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Frequently Asked Questions

Certification License Fee Model

For WiMAX Certification, the fee for any BS or MS product is US$10,000 upfront.

For WiGRID Certification, the fee for any BS or MS product is US$10,000 upfront.

For AeroMACS Certification, the fee for any BS or MS product is US$15,000 upfront with an annual $10,000 fee for certification maintenance for the first 5 years of after certification.

Certification FAQ

Q: What testing laboratories are recommended for certification?

A: Only accredited and designated testing laboratories are authorized to perform certification testing. A list of WiMAX Forum Designated Certification Laboratories (DCL) is located at

Please note that all DCL's for WiMAX Certification are technically equivalent. A customer should consider those who meet their geographic and budgetary criteria. Because of the specialized nature of AeroMACS and WiGRID, we current have one lab accredited and designated for these profiles.

Q: How much does it cost for certification?

A: A product certification cost is the sum of the DCL testing fee + the WiMAX Certification Body Fee + the WiMAX Forum Licensing Fee. Candidates should contact a DCL for a quote.

Q: Is InterOperability Testing (IOT) part of the certification?

A: Yes, Mobile (MIOT) and Operator (iIOT) are both part of the WiMAX certification program. The AeroMACS certification program includes IOT. The WiGRID certification program is based solely on IOT.

Q: What tools are recommended for pre-certification of a candidate device?

A: The same Protocol Conformance Testing (PCT) and Radio Conformance Testing (RCT) automated test equipment used in certification can be used to confirm compliance prior to submission to a DCL for WiMAX. AeroMACS certification requires more specialized equipment along with manual test setups so it we recommend working directly with the ADCL in advance of submitting products for certification. Additionally, the device can be subjected to the following testing for WIMAX:

  • Radio Performance Testing (RPT) to ensure that it's Total Isotropic Sensitivity and Total Radiated Power fall within the specified guidelines
  • Occupied Bandwidth and Spurious Emission testing to ensure that it meets the most stringent country regulations.
  • Interoperability testing is conducted with 3 mobile devices and 2 base stations for WiMAX. (Note that 2 MS & 2BS are used for AeroMACS and WiGRID).

Q: What protocol and conformance testing will be performed during certification testing?

A: The complete set of required testing is dictated by the Certification Requirement Status List (CRSL). Currently, WiMAX Certification requires: Protocol Conformance (PCT), Radio Conformance (RCT), Network Conformance (NCT), Radio Regulatory (RRT), Mobile InterOperability (MIOT), and Operator Interoperability (iIOT) testing. AeroMACS Certification requires: Radio Conformance (RCT), InterOperability (IOT), and Protocol Conformance (PCT). WiGRID Certification is based solely on InterOperability (IOT).

Q: Do you have to be a Member of the WiMAX Forum to have products certified?

A: Yes, you must be a WiMAX Forum member at the Manufacturer or Systems Integrator Level.

Q: Is it required to have a WCB (WiMAX Certification Body) assigned?

A: WCB's are mandatory. You do have your choice from the list at the bottom of the Certification Overview page: