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WiMAX Forum Vision and Mission

WiMAX Forum® Vision
AeroMACS, WiGRID, and WiMAX empower wireless broadband innovation everywhere.

WiMAX Forum Mission
The WiMAX Forum is a worldwide consortium chartered to deliver certification that achieves global interoperability, develop technical specifications based on open standards, pursue a favorable regulatory environment and promote the vision.

WiMAX Forum Strategic Objectives

Establish cost-effective and timely certification processes and certification infrastructure for WiMAX that achieve device and network interoperability.

  • Ensure that the WiMAX Forum certification process is valued and trusted by network providers, service providers and consumers worldwide.
  • Ensure on-time availability of test specifications and certification requirements.
  • Ensure test infrastructure is in place to meet the global need for cost-effective WiMAX certification.

Publish technical specifications to achieve a commercially viable global ecosystem for WiMAX.

  • Deliver high-quality technical specifications based on the IEEE 802.16 standard to enable a high-performance, end-to-end Internet network architecture supporting fixed, portable, nomadic and mobile users.
  • Establish a WiMAX technology road map to support a wide variety of applications and use case scenarios, and foster a robust ecosystem.
  • Enable global roaming for WiMAX-to-WiMAX networks and across networks that meets market demand for ease of use.
  • Enable interworking for WiMAX networks with other wireless networks.
  • Ensure WiMAX supports coexistence with other wireless technologies to provide access to a broad set of frequency bands.

Promote the brand and technology to establish WiMAX as the worldwide market leader for broadband wireless.

  • Promote attractive services and economic value propositions to foster user demand.
  • Promote WiMAX to ensure spectrum availability and a favorable regulatory environment.
  • Promote the advantages of WiMAX to facilitate growth of the ecosystem worldwide.