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May 2020



Dear Respected Colleagues,

The WiMAX Forum with the collaboration, support and participation of our Board of Directors, Member Companies and Working Group Representatives continue producing important work to advance Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS), WiGRID, and the WiMAX technology. While we have fruitful conversations, raise awareness about our initiatives, achieve milestones through collaboration, we see concrete results from our activities with the increase of WiMAX’s technology market share.

In light of the travel restrictions and unavailability to meet face-to-face for the moment, the WiMAX Forum has launched the virtual presentation series to deliver to our members and industry with the necessary tools to remain informed, exchange ideas, share knowledge and maximize value. The presentations and discussions will provide the community in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience from industry experts at key organizations.

The first virtual presentation session included relevant content from Eurocontrol, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and you can review the details and video at the following link:

WiMAX Forum Virtual Presentation - Session 1

Other companies participating include: Aviation Data Communication Corporation (ADCC), Avicom Japan, CelPlan Technologies, DigiCert, Eonti, Honeywell, Jezetek, Leonardo, Lisbon Airport, Powertech Labs, RIOgaleao, Sectigo, Siemens, Telrad Networks, as well as others to be announced soon. Please stay tuned for the next sessions and for more information, visit:

To foster a prosperous environment and future for the WiMAX ecosystem, the WiMAX Forum with the participation of our Member Companies will host, attend, and participate globally with speakers in key industry events. We will continue working to increase awareness of, educate, and meet with industry leaders worldwide about implementing and developing WiMAX, AeroMACS, and WiGRID networks in ways that will best serve all stakeholders. Here is the summary of an upcoming event that we are participating next:

On September 9-11 at the ICNS Conference, WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne will host a presentation titled "AeroMACS Considerations to Foster Innovation in Air Transportation." As details are finalized, we will be certain to keep you informed.

We will remain vigilant and monitoring the latest developments to determine the safest course of action as the situation evolves. We hope things get better soon to reschedule the meetings we had planned and share with you the latest developments. Through our events, speaking opportunities, seminars, and webinars, we are reaching out to diverse audiences in the WiMAX community. Our focus has been to share key lessons, concrete knowledge, and work together for the benefit of the industry. Please stay tuned for the upcoming event and for more information, please visit: WiMAX Forum Events.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments. We at the WiMAX Forum wish you a wonderful remainder of May and a prosperous June!

Best Regards,
WiMAX Forum


The WiMAX Forum maintains a bustling schedule of public appearances, white paper publications, webinars, and press releases on behalf of our industry. Below you can find the most relevant activities and latest communications.

WiMAX Forum Virtual Presentations First Session

The WiMAX Forum®, the leading nonprofit organization that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon IEEE Standard 802.16, is pleased to announce the publication of the first virtual presentation session with Eurocontrol, FAA and ICAO.

To read complete press release, please click here.

AeroMACS System Implementation at Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport is the first European airport to have an AeroMACS system implemented on airside, allowing to share information even faster and unremitting. This new system facilitates efficient communication between Airport stakeholders, like ATC (NAV. EP), Airlines and Handlers. The airport is changing. Even if you do not see it, you will feel it!

To view the video, please click here.


In the coming months, the WiMAX Forum will host, participate, attend, and support events globally. We continue our efforts to bring you quality conferences hosted by the WiMAX Forum, and we will present and participate at key industry events. The WiMAX Forum team looks forward to seeing you at these events.

Featured Events:

ICNS 2020 ICNS Conference
September 9-11
Herndon, Virginia
For more information visit:
AeroMACS at ICNS Conference

Upcoming Events:

Connected Manufacturing 2020 August 31-September 1, 2020
Austin, TX
For more information visit:
Connected Manufacturing
IoT Innovation North America 2020 September 16-17, 2020
Digital Conference
For more information visit:
IoT Innovation North America
Field Service Palm Springs 2020 September 29 - October 2, 2020
Palm Springs, California
For more information visit:
Field Service Palm Springs
6th Smart Cities India 2020 October 20-22, 2020
New Delhi, India
For more information visit:
6th Smart Cities India
IoT Solutions World Congress 2020 October 27-29, 2020
Barcelona, Spain
For more information visit:
IoT Solutions World Congress

The WiMAX Forum plans to host and participate in other events over the course of the year. As details concerning these events are finalized, we will be certain to keep you informed. For more information about our events, please visit: WiMAX Forum Events.


The WiMAX Forum Membership provides a wide range of benefits and services that promote growth and innovation of AeroMACS, WiGRID, and WiMAX technology.

Only WiMAX Forum Members can certify products to guarantee interoperability and standard compliance for AeroMACS, WiGRID, and WiMAX; secure networks using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates; develop technical specifications; influence favorable regulatory environments; and contribute to the growth of the industry through standards development that satisfy the market needs, among other advantages.

The WiMAX Forum is committed to delivering the value necessary for our members to get the most from their membership, and we are always engaging with individual members to discuss how we can better serve them. If you are interested in speaking with our leadership team on our specific initiatives or have any questions, please send a message to

The WiMAX Forum is the best place to access, leverage, and influence the growth and development of the AeroMACS, WiGRID, and WiMAX Technology. So be a leader and step up to get involved today!


The WiMAX Forum Working Groups are key to the development of WiMAX technology. The WiMAX Forum organizes its technical activities through a number of Working Groups that produce technical requirements, develop technical specifications, and advise the forum.

The Working Groups are chartered by the WiMAX Forum to bring together content experts from member companies to collaborate and contribute to specification development, harmonize documents, and perform other tasks that the WiMAX Forum has determined to be necessary or useful. The Working Groups are the currently focused on AeroMACS, Smart Energy, product certification and various spectrum access solutions.

It is a critical time for your organization to influence and leverage the Working Groups activities and contribute to the development of the market. The Working Groups have been scheduling a number of activities for the year and we still have a lot to get done. We need the help of your technical experts in these groups. If you are interested in participating in our Working Groups, please contact us at and we will be glad to speak with you about this opportunity.

The Aviation Working Group (AWG) and the AWG Certification Task Group (CTG) have made significant progress on several technical projects and have been achieving important milestones. AWG members are participating in the WiMAX Forum Virtual Presentation Series and other AeroMACS focused activities to foster collaboration between key aviation industry players as the market share expands.

AWG members have been collaborating diligently on the development and maintenance of specifications and supporting documents related to AeroMACS Product Conformance Certification, AeroMACS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), FCC AeroMACS Petition for Rulemaking, and other initiatives to support AeroMACS as the standard selected to improve the safety and regularity of flights.

AeroMACS IOT procedures have been published by the AWG CTG and products from multiple manufacturers are in the lab completing testing for full AeroMACS Certification. The publication of the IOT procedures represents the completion of the full set of testing procedures for AeroMACS Certification for compliance based on international approved standards that include the previously published WiMAX Forum® AeroMACS Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP) for PCT and RCT Specifications.

The WiMAX Forum, ICAO, other regulatory members and key industry stakeholders have formed the AeroMACS Advisory Council (AAC). The AAC is a collaborative body that will promote effective public-private dialogue and will consistent with the AeroMACS Certificate Policy and ICAO policies, provide strategic guidance and oversight for AeroMACS PKI, thereby helping promote optimum interoperability and trust among participants.

The WiMAX Forum has partnered with Eonti to manage and implement AeroMACS PKI as the Management Authority (MA). The MA has brought on the first Certificate Authority (CA) to make AeroMACS PKI commercially available to make AeroMACS operational networks secure. An overview of the AeroMACS PKI process is available here: AeroMACS PKI Users Overview.

The Smart Energy Working Group (SEWG) members are working with IEEE to bring to market devices for narrowband applications and other sub 1GHz spectrum. The WiMAX Forum and member companies are part of the revision of the IEEE 802.16t that has been approved by the IEEE 802 Executive Committee. This project specifies operation in licensed spectrum for mission critical entities that have a strong preference for private, licensed networks for their data communications needs. If you are interested in participating in this activity, please contact us at and we will be glad to speak with you about this opportunity.

You can learn more about the Working Group activities by visiting the member’s workspace area to view the outcomes of recent Working Group sessions or join groups to receive emails related to that group's activities. To find more information on our Working Groups, please visit:

Working Group activity is integral to the success of the Forum, and your participation is important to the WiMAX community!


The WiMAX Forum weekly Newsbrief contains the summary of news from around the WiMAX ecosystem and is intended as a benefit to our community. If you do not yet receive the Newsbrief and wish to do so, please sign up here: WiMAX Newsbrief.

Below is a summary for the month of May:


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