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January 2017

In This Issue


Dear Respected Colleague,

Happy New Year! We at the WiMAX Forum hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season! We believe 2017 will be a great year for the WiMAX ecosystem and our membership. We as an industry body, with the help of our participating member companies, are busy doing important work to advance WiMAX technology, achieving significant milestones through collaboration and growing the market for WiMAX technology.

The WiMAX Forum Staff, Board of Directors, Working Group Representatives, and Members will host, attend, and participate globally with speakers in a number of key industry events throughout the year. Our involvement in these events has proven to be the right strategy, fostering a prosperous environment and future for the WiMAX ecosystem. We are seeing concrete results from our activities in the industrial markets particularly through several AeroMACS and Smart Energy events, which have provided excellent exposure, reception, and engagement. Our focus has been to share key lessons, concrete knowledge, and work together for the benefit of the WiMAX industry.

As this year promises further momentum, we will continue to host and participate in several industrial events with the expectation that these markets will continue to increase in value as WiMAX’s market share continues to expand. Here is the summary of upcoming events that we are hosting during the coming months:

WiGRID 2017 - DistribuTECH on January 30, 2017. WiGRID 2017 will be a pre-conference session at DistribuTECH at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

AeroMACS 2017 - Madrid will be held at World ATM Congress on 8 March at IFEMA - Feria de Madrid Convention Centre in Madrid, Spain.

As a friendly reminder, the WiMAX Forum is currently winding down the bulk of its renewal season. Many of your organizations have been contacted by our membership and finance teams by now. As always, we stand ready to answer any questions that you may have. For more information regarding your membership status, please email, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2017!

Best Regards,

WiMAX Forum


In the following months, the WiMAX Forum will host and attend events globally. We continue our efforts to bring you quality events hosted by the WiMAX Forum, and we will present and participate at key industry events. The WiMAX Forum team looks forward to seeing you at these events.

The following is the summary of the upcoming events:

DistribuTECH is the leading annual electric power transmission and distribution conference & exhibition event that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home.

The WiMAX Forum will host WiGRID 2017 - DistribuTECH, a pre-conference session, on Monday, January 30, 2017 in Room 30E at San Diego Convention Center. The seminar will focus specifically on supporting the Utilities and Smart Energy community.

For more information and registration, please visit: WiGRID 2017 - DistribuTECH.

Serving the industry for 24 years, the Exhibitions India Group is proud to play an integral role in the changing landscape of the Indian Information and Communication environment. The milestone 25th Edition of Convergence India 2017 expo is themed as "Digital India." The 25th Convergence India will take place on February 8-10, 2017 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

The WiMAX Forum is proud to be a supporting organization!

For more information, please visit: Convergence India 2017.

Industry of Things World is an international knowledge exchange platform bringing together all stakeholders who play an active role in the Industrial Internet of Things scene. For its 2nd year over 500 Industrial Internet experts will gather in February 20-21, 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, CA.

The WiMAX Forum is proud to be a supporting organization!

For more information, please visit: Industry of Things World 2017.

The WiMAX Forum is pleased to announce the second annual AeroMACS 2017 – Madrid. The seminar will be held at World ATM Congress on Wednesday 8 March from 13:00 to 17:00 at IFEMA - Feria de Madrid Convention Centre in Madrid, Spain. The seminar will focus on supporting the global Aviation Community in managing profitable developments and growth of their AeroMACS networks.

For more information, please visit: AeroMACS 2017 – Madrid.

Internet of Things North America is an innovative event covering advanced connectivity and cloud based monitoring/control of devices, facilities, automobiles, people, and enterprise operations. Already in its fourth year, the 2017 event will be held in Chicago, Illinois area on March 29-30, 2017. It will consist of two full days of educational sessions along with an exhibition showcasing solutions

For more information, please visit: Internet of Things North America 2017.

CommunicAsia2017 Summit will return stronger and revolutionizing! Analysts predict that connected devices will hit 20 billion by the year 2020, we are also seeing artificial intelligence (AI) becoming the new frontier on how we humans connect and communicate. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by thought-provoking presentations, interactive panel discussions, engaging workshops on pertinent issues. It will take place on May 23-25, 2017 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 2017.

For more information, please visit: CommunicAsia2017.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Increase your presence at the WiMAX Forum events through a sponsorship! Our high-profile events offer sponsors excellent visibility before, during and after the event. For more information about which event sponsorship may best suit your needs, please contact Alessandra Rocha at

The WiMAX Forum plans to host and participate in other events over the course of 2016. As details concerning these events are finalized, we will be certain to keep you informed. For more information about our events, please visit: WiMAX Forum Events.


Learn More about Narrowband on Monday Next Week at WiGRID 2017 - DistribuTECH
The WiMAX Forum and CelPlan Technologies to provide information on how to maximize Narrowband initiative

On Monday, January 30 at 2:00-5:30pm, the WiMAX Forum and CelPlan Technologies will host the afternoon seminar in Room 30E in the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California to support utilities and the Smart Energy community.

WiGRID 2017 – DistribuTECH will drive discussions on how Narrowband, the nationwide Upper 700 MHz A Block spectrum that consists of a pair of 1 MHz channels, offers a unique solution to help the Smart Energy community meet their longstanding communication needs.

To read the complete press release, please click here.

AeroMACS 2017 – Madrid to Be Held at World ATM Congress
Learn about the latest developments for a wireless broad technology that is an upgrade for the communication system on the airport surface

The WiMAX Forum® is proud to announce that its second AeroMACS 2017 – Madrid will be collocated with World ATM Congress on Wednesday, March 8 at 13:00-17:00 at the Delegate Theater on the exhibition floor located at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid Convention Centre. The event will support the global Aviation community in deploying profitable, effective Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System (AeroMACS) networks. Participation is free and open to all World ATM Congress attendees.

AeroMACS 2017 – Madrid will highlight the latest AeroMACS developments and their positive impact on the Aviation industry. The afternoon seminar will focus on the AeroMACS international standardization, government perspective, implemented projects, certification, security, and more. AeroMACS 2017 – Madrid will foster networking, exchanging of ideas, and sharing key lessons to advance progress for AeroMACS and influence the technology worldwide. While the event will identify the challenges, it will go into the many opportunities that are available to the Aviation community.

To read the complete press release, please click here.


The WiMAX Forum is committed to delivering the value necessary for our members to get the most of their association with the WiMAX Forum, and we are always happy to engage with individual members to discuss how the WiMAX Forum can better serve its membership. WiMAX Forum Membership provides a wide range of benefits and services that allows WiMAX Service providers to grow their networks and the vendor community to sell more equipment and services.

If you are interested in speaking with our leadership team on our specific initiatives or have questions regarding WiMAX Forum Membership, please send a message to

The WiMAX Forum is the best place for our members to access, leverage, and influence the growth and development of the WiMAX industry. So be a leader in WiMAX and step up to get involved today!


The WiMAX Forum Working Groups focus on AeroMACS, Smart Energy, and various spectrum access solutions.

The Aviation Working Group (AWG) collaborates on three key initiatives: AeroMACS PKI, AeroMACS Certification, and the FCC Policy Petition. With much progress and many vital conversations taking place in the AWG PKI Task Group and Certification Task Group, it is a crucial time and a great opportunity to influence and leverage these activities. If you or your company is interested in participation in our Working Groups or a leadership role, please contact the TSC Chair Rich Hawkins at

The AWG PKI Task Group is currently conducting a PKI trial demonstration as a proof of concept to confirm the AeroMACS PKI Certificate Profiles as a final step to commercializing AeroMACS PKI. Additionally, AWG members are collaborating with ICAO Working Groups so that security policies produced in the AWG match industry requirements and will serve as guidelines to other industry groups that are planning AeroMACS deployments as well as serve as a PKI model for other Aviation technologies.

While additional products are now in the lab conducting Radio Conformance Testing (RCT), the AWG Certification Task Group is driving development of the specifications for Protocol Conformance Tests (PCT) and Interoperability Tests (IOT) to support AeroMACS Certification. In 2017, AWG will begin lab validation and full AeroMACS certification.

The Forum is finalizing its Service Rule petition to the FCC for the use of AeroMACS Spectrum in the United States with plans to submit the petition in Q1 2017. This Service Rule petition will set the ground rules for exploitation of the spectrum for the next 20 years.

The WiMAX Forum and CelPlan Technologies will host WiGRID 2017 – DistribuTECH on January 30 in San Diego, CA, USA to discuss how Narrowband—the upper 700 MHz A Block spectrum band in the form of two narrow 1-MHz channels—can meet smart energy communication needs. The Smart Energy Working Group (SEWG) members also plan to further influence the FCC's CBRS rules that regulate the 3.5 GHz band and to form a viable shared spectrum ecosystem in the United States. The reply comments to the FCC have been in favor of increasing the protection for grandfathered 3650-3700 MHz zone that has been included in the larger 3550-3700 MHz regulatory regime.

The WiMAX Forum Working Groups are the key to the development of WiMAX technology. Working Groups are chartered by the WiMAX Forum to bring together content experts from member companies to contribute to and harmonize documents and specifications and perform other tasks that the WiMAX Forum has determined to be necessary or useful. Members of the forum have the opportunity to participate as officers of working groups when there are vacancies and to vote on working group output.

The WiMAX Forum organizes its technical activities through a number of Working Groups that produce technical requirements, develop technical specifications, or advise the forum. These groups are coordinated by the Technical Steering Committee. The WiMAX Forum Working Groups include:

  • AWG - Aviation Working Group - Procedures, Profiles & AeroMACS Initiative
  • SEWG - Smart Energy Working Group - Requirements & WiGRID Initiative
  • SPWG - Service Provider Working Group - Requirements & WiMAX Advanced Initiative
  • TWG - Technical Working Group - Technical
    • CTG - Certification Task Group - Technical
    • NTG - Network Task Group - Technical

We have a lot to get done in the new year and we need the help of your technical experts in these groups. This is especially true for the Aviation Working Group as they prepare for the next wave of AeroMACS Certification and finalizing a PKI solution for the industry. If you are not a member of a Working Group yet, you can request to join on the group's Home Page. You can learn more about the Working Group activities by visiting the member’s workspace area and viewing the outcome of recent Working Group sessions or joining groups to receive emails related to that group's activities. Working Group activity is integral to the success of the Forum. To find more information on our Working Groups, please visit:

Your participation is important to the WiMAX community!


The WiMAX Forum weekly Newsbrief contains the summary of news from around the WiMAX ecosystem and is intended as a benefit to our community. If you do not yet receive the Newsbrief and wish to do so, please sign up here: WiMAX Newsbrief.

Below is a summary for the month of January:


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