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IPR Submissions

Notice and Disclaimer

Each Company/submitter asserts that one or more of its patents or patent applications, as listed below, includes at least one Necessary Claim under one or more WiMAX Forum Specifications. (Please refer to the WiMAX Forum IPR Policy for definitions). The WiMAX Forum has not independently investigated the assertions of the submitting parties and inclusion of these submissions in this database shall not be regarded as a determination by the WiMAX Forum that any listed patent or patent application has a Necessary Claim.

The WiMAX Forum makes no representation or warranty that the information contained in this database is accurate, complete, or error-free, or that any intellectual property claims asserted through inclusion in this database are accurate or valid, or that they are relevant in any manner to a WiMAX Forum Specification or other document, specification or standard. The WiMAX Forum expressly disclaims all representations and warranties, however characterized, relating to the information contained in this database.

Database users are solely responsible for making their own determinations regarding information contained in this database and all intellectual property rights and claims asserted by the submitting parties.

Please contact the WiMAX Forum IPR Administrator with any questions.