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AeroMACS Gains Momentum with Worldwide Activities and Achieved Milestones


The WiMAX Forum and its member companies have advanced AeroMACS through participation in events and technical meetings


CLACKAMAS, OR – December 8, 2016 – The Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) has gained growing momentum this year with the WiMAX Forum® and its member companies raising awareness to a diverse audience about the value of this wireless broadband technology for the airport surface and furthering the deployment of AeroMACS. The WiMAX Forum attained this through a wide variety of activities around the globe, which include hosting, presenting, and participating in events and technical meetings; achieving important milestones; and more. Collaboration among key players in aviation and wireless industries demonstrates support of AeroMACS as a vital industry standard.

In 2016, the WiMAX Forum hosted five AeroMACS events: seminars in the US and China, a webinar, and exhibition booths at important industry events. The latest seminar and exhibition was at the ATCA 61st Annual Conference in October in the DC area. The 2nd annual AeroMACS 2016 – National Harbor was well received with discussions on the latest developments for applications, certification, security with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), deployments, and more. In September, the WiMAX Forum hosted its 3rd annual AeroMACS Track at Wireless China Industry Summit, which is key to a fast-growing market in China. Additionally, the WiMAX Forum hosted the “Expect Enormous Changes in Aviation Performance with AeroMACS Certification Webinar” in late March, which informed over 80 attendees of how AeroMACS is the technology of choice to provide wireless connectivity on the airport surface. View the webinar recording here. The WiMAX Forum also exhibited at the ACI-NA/World Conference in Montreal in September, connecting with airports.

In addition to hosting events, WiMAX Forum leadership presented and participated in various aviation events this year, underscoring that AeroMACS supports innumerable applications in a protected aviation spectrum band that benefit all stakeholders in the aviation industry. The participation in 2016 includes the following:

  • Dr. Nima PourNejatian, WiMAX Forum CTO, presented “Aviation Internet of Things” and other topics at Industry of Things World USA in February in San Diego, CA, USA.
  • WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne and CTO Dr. Nima PourNejatian presented "AeroMACS: How to Warrant Interoperability" and Brian Crowe, WiMAX Forum Aviation Working Group (AWG) Vice Chair and Hitachi Senior Advisory Engineer, presented “Proposed AeroMACS PKI Specification is a Model for Global and National Aeronautical PKI Deployments” at Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference in April in Washington, D.C.
  • In June, WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne participated in the 7th U.S.-China Aviation Summit, which was an excellent opportunity to engage with China’s senior aviation leaders in substantive discussions on aviation policies, commercial opportunities, trade opportunities, and best practices in China’s growing aviation sector.
  • WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne presented “AeroMACS—A Licensed Wireless Broadband Technology—Improving the Safety, Capacity, and Efficiency of the Airport Surface” at ACI-NA/World Annual Conference in September in Montreal.
  • WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne and industry experts participated in a panel discussion on the FAA’s effort to position AeroMACS as an enterprise solution for bringing wireless broadband connectivity to airports at Avionics for NextGen 2016 in September in Washington, D.C.

The WiMAX Forum leadership and its members also participated in a number of technical activities to advance the AeroMACS standard. Throughout the year, WiMAX Forum COO Rich Hawkins and some AWG members attended International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) CP Working Group S meetings to collaborate and help successful completion of the “Manual on the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System (AeroMACS).” In July, Rich Hawkins participated in the AEEC AeroMACS Working Group Meeting in London to assist in developing an ARINC project paper and other technical aspects of AeroMACS for the safety and regularity of flight services. In November, the WiMAX Forum along with its member companies participated in the AEEC AeroMACS Working Group in Annapolis to develop an aircraft IP-based transceiver.

As well as events, the WiMAX Forum and its members have achieved significant milestones this year. In April, the WiMAX Forum member company Telrad Networks received Wave 1 AeroMACS Certification at Powertech Labs Inc., the WiMAX Forum AeroMACS Designated Certification Lab in North America. As the first to have AeroMACS equipment certified to Radio Conformance Testing (RCT), Telrad Networks has been a crucial part of the validation process, which has ensured more efficient testing for RCT. In May, engineers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Ohio successfully transmitted data to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Bombardier Global 5000 testbed using AeroMACS. The FAA and Hitachi collaborated to conduct the demonstration, and AeroMACS provided near real-time updates before takeoff. The full article can be found here.

Other organizations have recognized the value of AeroMACS as well with their publications. Honeywell published the “AeroMACS: It’s a Real-time GPS, but Better” article in May. And, EUROCONTROL published the AeroMACS factsheet in June.

“Our activities this year has led to the growth of AeroMACS. Thank you to our member companies that have invested in this initiative, conveying their belief in the value of AeroMACS,” said Declan Byrne, WiMAX Forum President.

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