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WiGRID - WiMAX Vendors

I am a WiMAX vendor looking to sell to operators and utilities alike.

So you are a WiMAX vendor interested in building chipsets, equipment, or devices for the Smart Grid market. Great! The WiMAX Forum can help. The WiMAX Forum stands ready to assist its membership by making connections through its extensive member and business network; contributing to the growth of the industry through standards development targeted at satisfying the needs of utilities; and aiding with regulatory challenges. The WiMAX Forum is dedicated to ensuring that there is a viable market for its member companies’ products, and is constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate within the industry to promote WiMAX as a premier wireless broadband technology for Smart Grid networks.

Within the WiMAX Forum’s organizational structure is a specific body for solving problems in the Smart Grid industry: The Smart Energy Working Group. The Smart Energy Working Group acts as a focal point for Utility interest in WiMAX as a technology for Smart Grid Applications, and will promote WiMAX as the premiere technology for Smart Grid Applications on a global basis by defining utility requirements and technology profiles that drive the network and air interface specifications and certification for WiMAX networks and products to ensure the development of a healthy eco-system of interoperable Smart Grid centric product solutions.

The Smart Energy Working Group (SEWG) provides coordinated input from the Utility and Energy Industries to other Working Groups and the WiMAX Forum Board. Participation is open to all WiMAX Forum Members. SEWG is the single source for coordinated recommendations and requirements that drive WiMAX Specifications. SEWG provides marketing support to position WiMAX in the Utility Industry and maximize participation in this market segment.

To participate in the Smart Energy Working Group and enjoy the other benefits of working with us, join the WiMAX Forum today!

For more information on current WiMAX Smart Grid deployments, please visit our case study archive.

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