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The WiMAX Forum Files FCC Petition for AeroMACS Service Rules Adoption


These Service Rules Will Allow Expansive AeroMACS Deployment in the United States


CLACKAMAS, OR – April 4, 2017 – The WiMAX Forum®, the leading nonprofit organization that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon IEEE Standard 802.16, submitted a petition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on March 31, 2017, requesting adoption of service rules for the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System, better known as AeroMACS. With the increasing need for secure wireless communication on the airport surface, these service rules are crucial to promoting the safety and regularity of flight once AeroMACS is widely deployed at airports within the United States.

The spectrum to be used by AeroMACS in the 5091-5150 MHz band already has been allocated for AeroMACS use, while the FCC is expected to shortly allocate 5000-5030 MHz for AeroMACS. Today’s filing proposes the specific technical and licensing rules that are required before AeroMACS usage can become routine in the US.

The recommended technical rules to be codified at Part 87 (Aviation Radio Services) of the FCC rules are based on already-adopted international technical standards. In the petition, the WiMAX Forum requests using a “License by Rule” approach, proposing that non-Federal AeroMACS users—Airport Owners or Operators, Airline Carriers, Aeronautical Communications Network Providers (ACNPs), and other authorized mobile and fixed users of the AeroMACS network— be authorized under a Part 95 licensed-by-rule approach. If adopted, eligible non-Federal entities would be authorized by rule to operate AeroMACS stations without an individual license issued by the FCC. AeroMACS spectrum would be available after registration with, and assignment by, a nationwide Channel Manager, which the FCC would appoint. The Channel Manager would allocate available channels among eligible non-Federal users, ensuring nationwide consistency while maximizing efficient and flexible usage of the spectrum. Non-Federal AeroMACS users will share AeroMACS spectrum among themselves, with Federal AeroMACS users, and with other authorized users of the frequency bands.

“By drafting and submitting this Petition, the WiMAX Forum seeks to keep it simple and fair for all stakeholders to implement AeroMACS effectively and efficiently without interference and consistent with FCC precedent,” said Declan Byrne, WiMAX Forum President. “As a core technology outlined in the Future Communication Infrastructure framework, AeroMACS spectrum management and usage must be structured to be widely deployed in the United States. The access to AeroMACS channels must ensure effective use of the spectrum and prevent either hoarding or warehousing of spectrum by any entity in order to improve communication and safety on the airport surface. Adoption of these Service Rules is an essential milestone and we have been pleased to work with industry stakeholders on this Petition.”

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The WiMAX Forum will participate in aviation-focused events throughout the year to increase awareness about AeroMACS and share the latest developments. On Tuesday, April 18, WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne will give a presentation during the Data Link Communications Session among other AeroMACS presentations from Avicom and MITRE from 1-3pm at the ICNS Conference in Herndon, VA, USA. Additionally, the WiMAX Forum will exhibit with AeroMACS at the IFALPA Conference on May 5-8 in Montreal, Canada and ACI-NA Conference on September 17-20 in Fort Worth, TX, USA. Stop by our booth to discuss AeroMACS with us and learn more about it. For more information about our events, please visit:

For questions regarding AeroMACS or the WiMAX Forum, please contact Alessandra Rocha at

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