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AeroMACS Advances through WiMAX Forum Seminar in China


Continuation of networking and sharing best practices with one of the largest global markets


CLACKAMAS, OR - September 12, 2016 - The WiMAX Forum® hosted its third annual AeroMACS Track at the Wireless China Industry Summit on September 8, 2016 in Beijing. In addition to the seminar, Declan Byrne, WiMAX Forum President, delivered a keynote address to the Plenary on "AeroMACS Gains Momentum: Industry Update" on September 7. The seminar focused on the benefits and the implications of the latest developments of Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) networks in a growing market.

Building on the success of previous events, the AeroMACS seminar fostered collaboration among key players in the aviation and wireless industries. Leading industry experts discussed developments and additional implementations in the airports in China, trials and deployments around the globe, applications, and full certification being available in the next month, which will make interoperable devices available to the market. The continual involvement of the WiMAX Forum in the annual Wireless China Industry Summit event has resulted in Aviation Data Communication Corporation (ADCC) joining the Forum and deploying AeroMACS first at Chengdu Airport and now with implementation plans at Beijing Capital Airport. China remains a crucial market to the aviation industry with the WiMAX Forum dedicated to supporting ADCC and meeting with the radio regulatory authorities to keep the market moving forward. In addition to the seminar and keynote address, the WiMAX Forum also met with Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and Beijing Airport.

“By hosting the third AeroMACS seminar at the Wireless China Industry Summit and conducting our other supportive activities, the WiMAX Forum remains committed to the aviation industry worldwide to ensure safer and more efficient flights in one of our most prominent markets,” said Declan Byrne, President of the WiMAX Forum.

The WiMAX Forum would like to thank Siemens for sponsoring the AeroMACS Track and CAAC for supporting the event. Additionally, the WiMAX Forum would like to give special thanks to the organizations that contributed experts to the program. Executives from ADCC,ConvergEX Technologies, Honeywell, Leonardo Company, Siemens, and the WiMAX Forum spoke about the recent AeroMACS deployments in the Asia (particularly China), Europe, and US.

This Fall, the WiMAX Forum will showcase AeroMACS at other events in North America. On September 25-28, the WiMAX Forum will participate with a presentation and exhibit at the ACI-NA/World Conference in Montreal, Canada along with member companies Siemens and Telrad Networks. On October 18, the WiMAX Forum will host AeroMACS 2016 - National Harbor collocated with the 61st ATCA Annual Conference and exhibit AeroMACS in National Harbor, MD, USA. For more information on WiMAX Forum events, please visit the events page:

For questions regarding AeroMACS or the WiMAX Forum, please contact Alessandra Rocha at

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