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Latest Senza Fili White Paper Forecasts AeroMACS ‘Ready for Takeoff’ as a Common Platform for ATM


Widening the scope of wireless communications, from ground to aircraft


CLACKAMAS, OR – March 9, 2015 – In a new white paper, leading analyst firm Senza Fili Consulting explores how a WiMAX-based platform known as the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System—or AeroMACS—benefits some of the world’s leading airports. The research identifies how the technology supports various air traffic management (ATM) applications, delivering enhanced performance, cost efficiency, and economies of scale.

The paper, entitled, “AeroMACS: A Common Platform for Air Traffic Management Applications,” highlights the results of extensive interviews with three primary stakeholder groups in the aviation industry, including air traffic control agencies, airlines and airports. The research surveys three different application areas in which AeroMACS plays a foundational role: ground-to-aircraft, mobile (staff and vehicles and other mobile assets), and fixed (i.e. backhaul for ground assets).

According to Senza Fili, larger airports in developed countries will lead the early adoption of the AeroMACS platform. Airport wireless connectivity is dominated by legacy technologies that cannot support the wide-set services and applications at the core of next generation ATM. Without AeroMACS, aviation ground communications risk fragmentation, with inefficient coexistence of multiple wireless technologies. The paper defines several business models, designed to maximize economies of scale and enable resource sharing of the ground communications infrastructure among stakeholders.

AeroMACS has the flexibility to support many applications concurrently—in a scalable and cost-effective way. It is neither limited to narrow-band applications, nor exclusively supporting a small set of applications. To date, air traffic control agencies have been the strongest proponents of AeroMACS adoption. The technology plays a crucial role in maintaining security and safety standards as air traffic congestion grows.

Declan Byrne, WiMAX Forum President, said, “This kind of technology implementation in the airport environment can take time and requires the buy-in from multiple stakeholders. The global adoption of AeroMACS will ‘take flight’ as more airports and airlines see first-hand the Total Cost of Ownership and performance benefits.”

The WiMAX Forum, the global body that certifies and promotes the interoperability of broadband wireless products, has been working closely with industry leaders to define requirements for the AeroMACS standard. The Forum has developed a Network Reference Model as a proof of concept, a phased AeroMACS deployment at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The Reference Model is briefly outlined in the White Paper.

At the World ATM Congress this March, the WiMAX Forum is hosting a two-day program, held in partnership with key players such as EUROCONTROL and the FAA. The meeting will be focused specifically on the deployment of broadband networks based on the AeroMACS standard. In addition to the session, the WiMAX Forum will be exhibiting at Stand #1206 in Hall 9, where member companies will be presenting and available to answer questions. Registration is required to attend. For additional information and registration, please visit:

To download the white paper, click here.


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