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The WiMAX Forum® Extends WiMAX Advanced Roadmap to Support Multiple Radio Access Technologies



Chicago, IL – October 30, 2012 – This week at the 4G World Conference & Exposition, the WiMAX Forum® announced an updated industry roadmap supporting the continued evolution of the WiMAX ecosystem. Recognizing Service Providers’ need for flexibility to manage an ever-increasing demand for broadband data, the WiMAX Forum embraces a network evolution path to accommodate harmonization and coexistence across multiple broadband wireless access technologies within a WiMAX Advanced network.

The WiMAX Forum today is publicizing an extension to its roadmap, WiMAX Advanced, which leverages WiMAX’s all-IP broadband data network capabilities to enable WiMAX operators to access a broader ecosystem of devices and radio access technologies to more easily operate within a multi radio access network environment. WiMAX Advanced will allow WiMAX operators flexibility to support additional broadband wireless access technologies and devices beyond WiMAX Release 1 and Release 2.0.

“WiMAX has always stood for innovation, open standards and low IPR costs,” stated Dr. Mohammad Shakouri, Chairman of the WiMAX Forum. “Our focus is to preserve these fundamental values of the WiMAX Forum and continue to build a powerful and broad ecosystem that addresses the needs of operators and customers worldwide.”

“To further its philosophy of openness, the WiMAX Forum’s updated roadmap supports a vision of harmonization across available technologies that enable operators to adopt multiple radio access technologies within their service offerings,” stated Declan Byrne President of the WiMAX Forum.

“UQ Communications is proud to be part of the WiMAX ecosystem,” said Fumio Watanabe, CTO of UQ Communications and Member of the WiMAX Forum Board of Directors. “We welcome the advancement of the WiMAX roadmap towards harmonization and efficient coexistence with additional broadband wireless technologies. UQ is pleased that the updated roadmap supports the flexibility to enable further expansion of the value of our successful BWA services and existing WiMAX network.”

“As a leading operator to deliver Malaysia’s fastest 4G mobile broadband network and the world’s first converged voice and data (Voice over WiMAX) services, YTL strongly supports further advancements in the WiMAX standards,” said Ali Tabassi, COO of YTL Communications and Member of the WiMAX Forum Board of Directors. “The WiMAX Forum Board of Directors supports this effort, and is proud of the WiMAX Forum’s further contributions to the wireless broadband industry.”

“Samsung is delighted by the WiMAX Forum’s continued innovation around the WiMAX standard,” said IP Hong, Vice President of Global Marketing at Samsung. “WiMAX Advanced is a positive development that will be welcomed by operators and vendors worldwide.”

“As the creator of the world’s first dual 4G WiMAX + LTE single-chip solution, Sequans applauds the WiMAX Forum’s WiMAX Advanced initiative,” said Georges Karam, President & CEO of Sequans Communications.

“GCT Semiconductor congratulates the WiMAX Forum on its WiMAX Advanced announcement,” said Dr. Kyeongho “KH” Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of GCT Semiconductor, Inc. “GCT has developed some of the world’s most advanced 4G solutions including single-chips for WiMAX Release 2.0 and WiMAX/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE multimode, and we look forward to continuing to participate in this expanded ecosystem.”

“The Taiwanese ecosystem is excited to see the WiMAX Forum’s updated roadmap, and see growth in devices and new markets,” said Dr. Cheng-Wen Wu, General Director of ITRI/ICL & Vice President of ITRI and Member of the WiMAX Forum Board of Directors. “Taiwan will continue to support the WiMAX ecosystem with world class devices in addition to our continuing work in advanced applications for WiMAX in vertical markets such as smart grid, high speed rail and public safety.”

“This enhancement of WiMAX Advanced is a strong step toward securing the future of WiMAX technology by offering greater flexibility to its ecosystem,” stated Paul Senior, CTO of Airspan Networks and Member of the WiMAX Forum Board of Directors. “As a leading equipment vendor for the 4G ecosystem, Airspan Networks strongly supports the WiMAX Forum’s effort to continually evolve WiMAX and ensure it remains an attractive option for carriers and vertical applications.”

“As a founding member of the WiMAX Forum, Alvarion has always supported the technological innovation promoted by the WiMAX Forum and sees this WiMAX Advanced effort as a continuous effort to evolve and address the future needs of our markets,” stated Mark Altshuller, CTO , BWA Division at Alvarion. “The extended roadmap will enable existing and new WiMAX operators to leverage a greater ecosystem of devices and ensure a stable foundation for future deployments.”

The WiMAX Forum’s updated roadmap is a comprehensive effort to leverage the inherent flexibility of the WiMAX standard to provide affordable wireless broadband across multiple industries worldwide. The WiMAX Forum reiterates its full commitment to its main projects and member ecosystems as it relates to Mobile WiMAX Release 1, Release 2 and WiMAX vertical markets including WiGRID and AeroMACS. The WiMAX Forum also believes that the revised roadmap enables the Forum to better serve and extend the existing member ecosystem, and strengthen its effort to deliver on its Mission and Vision.

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About the WiMAX Forum®

The WiMAX Forum® is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon IEEE Standard 802.16. The WiMAX Forum’s primary goal is to accelerate the adoption, deployment and expansion of WiMAX technologies across the globe while facilitating roaming agreements, sharing best practices within our membership and certifying products. WiMAX Forum Certified® products are interoperable and support broadband fixed, nomadic, portable and mobile services. The WiMAX Forum works closely with service providers and regulators to ensure that WiMAX Forum Certified systems meet customer and government requirements. For more information, visit