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WiMAX Buenos Aires a Success in Latin America


First Operator Summit of 2012 attracts over 65 attendees


Beaverton, OR – February 7th, 2012 – WiMAX Buenos Aires, the first WiMAX Forum Operator Summit event for 2012, was a success. The event drew more than 65 attendees including 14 operators to discuss the opportunities for WiMAX in Latin America.

“WiMAX Buenos Aires was an excellent event,” said Paul Choiseul, CTO of IBW. “The presentations were highly instructive, not only on the state of the industry, but also on innovative new technologies and best practices that are sure to have a positive impact on most, if not all attendees. Beyond being an unparalleled educational event, the Buenos Aires Operator Summit allowed abundant time for networking and business development and I personally benefitted from exposure to innovative new products that will help me reduce my expansion costs and allow me to create new value added services.”

Attendees were treated to a full program including speakers from WiMAX operators, equipment and solutions vendors, and WiMAX Forum Working Group staff. The WiMAX Forum would like to extend a special thank you to WiMAX Forum member GreenPacket for co-hosting the well-attended post-event cocktail reception.

The WiMAX Forum would also like to extend a thank you to the following member companies that contributed speakers to the program:

• Airspan • Intel
• Alepo • ITRI
• Alvarion • NEC
• Aptilo • NSN
• GreenPacket • Sequans
• Huawei • Skyonline

"WiMAX Buenos Aires was a fantastic event,” said Declan Byrne, Acting President of the WiMAX Forum. “The program covered a range of topics important to Latin American operators, and our speakers did a terrific job providing strong educational presentations. We are already looking forward to our next event in late March in Pakistan.”

Launched in 2011, the WiMAX Forum Operator Summit Series brings targeted, localized events to different regions of the world with a focus on serving the needs of WiMAX operators through education and networking. The Operator Summit Series provides interactive working events for all participants, both operators and vendors, to meet, exchange ideas and develop business and cooperative relationships. Further information regarding these events will be made available on the WiMAX Forum events page:

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