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WiMAX Forum® and BSNL Host Network Deployment Workshop


Two-day workshop to provide BSNL Franchisees with insights on successfully deploying WiMAX™ networks in India


NEW DELHI – February 16, 2011 – WiMAX franchisees from across India will gather in New Delhi next week to learn best practices for deploying greenfield WiMAX networks. In the past two years, BSNL has installed around 1600 WiMAX base stations, and plans to install an additional 20,000 base stations over the next 36 months. BSNL has established multiple contracted revenue sharing franchisees for urban roll out and service delivery across India. The WiMAX Network Deployment Workshop in New Delhi will be an interactive event for BSNL’s Franchisees to gain a concrete understanding of the necessary steps involved in performing a new site survey and analysis, planning and provisioning a network, deploying and maintaining a network and learning about the best practices required for ensuring a successful and profitable network deployment.

“Providing BSNL Franchisees with the tools to succeed will help deliver on WiMAX’s potential to fully address today’s broadband needs throughout the country,” said Ron Resnick, president and chairman of the WiMAX Forum. “This workshop is one of many ways the WiMAX Forum is supporting our partners in India and around the world.”

The WiMAX Forum and BSNL have invited more than 10 international WiMAX service providers, and more than 20 WiMAX vendors and ecosystem members to help share key lessons learned from successful greenfield WiMAX deployments and educate BSNL’s franchisees. The program will include sessions from deployment to marketing, including:

  • Backhaul Considerations
  • Device and CPE Selection
  • Network Management Systems and Network Operations Center Considerations
  • Operational Considerations for Greenfield WiMAX Networks
  • WiMAX Operator Case Studies
  • Revenue Generating Applications - Voice and Video

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