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Webinar: Expect Enormous Changes in Aviation Performance with Certified AeroMACS

Event Date:

30-Mar-2016 – 30-Mar-2016

Webinar: Expect Enormous Changes in Aviation Performance with Certified AeroMACS

What: The WiMAX Forum presents Webinar: Expect Enormous Changes in Aviation Performance with Certified AeroMACS

When: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 08:00 AM US Pacific Time

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While the world advances technologically in several areas, the majority of airport and aircraft communications systems remain outdated. Recently, new wireless broadband capabilities have been deployed to guarantee safety and regularity of flight services worldwide. To this end, the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) profile has been adopted to support next generation airport surface communications needs. Learn how AeroMACS has been chosen as the technology of choice to provide wireless connectivity on the airport surface for the Aviation Industry and major deployments globally.

In this free webinar, the speakers will address key questions about the technology:

  • AeroMACS Overview – Hosted by Declan Byrne, President, WiMAX Forum
  • FAA Overview – Hosted by Brent Phillips, Senior Systems Engineer, FAA
  • EUROCONTROL Overview – Hosted by Nikos Fistas, Senior COM Expert, EUROCONTROL
  • Security & Certification Overview – Hosted by Aloke Roy, Chair, WiMAX Forum Aviation Working Group - Sr. Program Manager, Honeywell; and Brian Crowe, Vice Chair, WiMAX Forum Aviation Working Group - Sr. Advisory Engineer, Hitachi

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The WiMAX Forum will host a live webinar on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 08:00 AM, which is open to all companies seeking more details. To pre-register for the webinar, please visit Webinar: Expect Enormous Changes in Aviation Performance with Certified AeroMACS.

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Additional Details:

AeroMACS is a broadband wireless communications system that can support the transmission of safety and regularity of flight data for both fixed and mobile applications on the airport surface. AeroMACS operates in the licensed aeronautical spectrum in the 5 GHz band, an international spectrum allocation approved for use at airports. A core allocation between 5091 MHz and 5150 MHz was designated on a worldwide basis by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2007. Based on the expectation of high demand for AeroMACS services, additional allocation of the spectrum within the 5000 to 5030 MHz band may be considered nationally.

AeroMACS provides secure broadband wireless data transfer among fixed and mobile resources on the airport surface, such as aircraft, flight service vehicles and weather stations. This system provides the capacity and increased efficiency needed to sustain demand for the exchange of data between aircraft, vehicles and ground infrastructure. It also is simpler to operate and maintain than the existing system and reduces the possibility of unexpected connectivity outages.

AeroMACS supports a wide variety of voice, video and data communications and information exchanges among fixed and mobile users at the airport as it is based on an internationally adopted IEEE standard. This wideband communications network can enable sharing of graphical data and near real-time video to significantly increase situational awareness, improve surface traffic movement to reduce congestion and delays and help prevent runway incursions. Such a licensed and secure high data rate radio link can be used to support existing as well as enable future (advanced) aircraft-to-ground (ATS) and airport operations communications (AOC) services. In addition, AeroMACS will be the primary interface from the cockpit to access System Wide Information Management (SWIM) data in the airport surface environment, such as weather maps and forecast, weather advisory, turbulence guidance maps; routing and traffic information; and static and dynamic airport/runway configuration information and maps.

Hundreds of potential applications have been identified to support key operational domains, providing the capacity and efficiency needed for the exchange of data between aircraft, vehicles, and ground infrastructure. Broadband wireless connectivity is ideal to support these applications. AeroMACS will play a major role in reducing flight delays with detailed real-time data and greater operating efficiencies to handle more traffic. It will lower operating costs, financial risk, and fuel consumption while reducing the risk of airport mishap and time spent maneuvering in congested areas.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about the AeroMACS from industry experts!

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