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IoT Solutions World Congress 2024

Event Date:

21-May-2024 – 23-May-2024

IOT Solutions World Congress 2024

Discover the ultimate tech-powered revolution at the IOT Solutions World Congress, the unrivaled event for transformative solutions. Join us as we bring together the entire technological ecosystem under one roof. Immerse yourself in a world of real-life use cases showcasing how industries harness the power of technology to conquer their greatest challenges. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and empowered like never before. IoT Solutions World Congress will take place on May 21 - 23, 2024 in Barcelona.

The future of industry is ours to build. Emerging technologies are disrupting industry and technological innovation is rapidly changing our world. We are all being asked to be more innovative, more agile, more collaborative, more Game-Changing! IOTSWC 2024 is the leading event on trends in digital transformation, based on disruptive technologies.

The WiMAX Forum is proud to be a supporting organization!

For more information, please visit: IoT Solutions World Congress 2024