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ICNS 2022

Event Date:

05-Apr-2022 – 07-Apr-2022

ICNS 2017

The 2022 Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference addresses long-term research and development of integrated CNS technologies for advanced aeronautical digital information systems and applications supporting the future global air transportation systems. It will take place on April 5-7, 2022 at Westin Washington Dulles Airport, Herndon, Virginia, USA.

The 2022 ICNS program will focus on the promises, challenges, and developments in the areas of policy, verification, validation, and certification of autonomous operations in CNS and ATM. The aviation field has entered a new digital era with ever-increasing autonomy by vehicles in the air and ATM systems on the ground. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other innovative technologies promise unprecedented performance yet present significant challenges for the verification, validation, and certification.

The AeroMACS - WiMAX Forum will be at ICNS 2022!

At the ICNS Conference, come see WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne present "Efficient Spectrum Management Practices for the Aviation Industry."  As details are finalized, we will be certain to keep you informed.

For additional information, please visit: ICNS 2022.