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ICNS 2020

Event Date:

09-Sep-2020 – 11-Sep-2020

ICNS 2017

The Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference is the premier international aviation conference addressing technology and policy advances in CNS research, development and implementation programs, and policies related to CNS/ATM capabilities and applications. The ICNS Conference assembles leaders from government, industry, and academia, as well as senior technical experts to address important policy issues and contribute to the future directions of CNS and ATM.

The ICNS Conference addresses long-term research and development as well as current implementation of integrated CNS technologies needed to enable programs that include but are not limited to NextGen and SESAR.

The conference is focused on providing an understanding of domestic and international CNS/ATM programs, implementation strategies, standards development, research, and ICNS technologies. As we continue the second decade of ICNS, we focus on the relationship between next generation air traffic management and the enabling communications, navigation and surveillance infrastructure that will build the bridge between CNS and ATM. ICNS 2020 will not be held in person this year — it will be a virtual conference instead on September 9-11, 2020.

AeroMACS - WiMAX Forum will participate at ICNS 2020!

At the ICNS Virtual Conference, WiMAX Forum President Declan Byrne will present "AeroMACS Considerations to Foster Innovation in Air Transportation."  And Leonhard Korowajczuk at CelPlan Technologies will present "Full APRON Visibility (FAV) PoC design." As the details concerning this event are finalized, we will be certain to keep you informed.

For additional information, please visit: ICNS 2020.