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Case Studies


  AeroMACS: A Common Platform for Air Traffic Management Applications

  AeroMACS: A Global Standard for Airport Surface Communications

  AeroMACS - Delivering Next Generation Communications to the Airport Surface

  AeroMACS + NASA-CLE CNS Test Bed Brochure

  AeroMACS Bandplan for the User Community

  AeroMACS Presentation Europe 2012

  AeroMACS Presentation ICNS 2013

  Enabling the Next Generation in Air Traffic Management with AeroMACS

  Improving the Safety, Capacity, and Efficiency of Airport Traffic Management with AeroMACS


  AES Electropaulo

  Assessing Spectrum Requirements for Smart Grid Networks

  InovCity Aparecida: Developing a Smart Grid Project in EDP Brazil

  Powertech WiGRID Use Cases

  SP AusNet Case Study – 2013

  UQ – KEPCO Update 2013

  WiGRID - A Wireless Broadband Solution for Utilities - 2013

  WiGRID Event 2014 Presentations

WiMAX Advanced

  New Taipei City: Outdoor Wireless Internet Service for Citizens

  UQ WiMAX Gaining the Wireless Broadband Market

  WiMAX Technology Roadmap: The Path to Harmonization of 4G Technology Standards

  Wireless Broadband Network Design Considerations

  YTL Comunications 4G WiMAX Network

Oil & Gas

  WiMAX Oil & Gas Event 2012 Presentations

  WiMAX Oil & Gas Event 2013 Presentations

  WiMAX Oil & Gas Event 2014 Presentations