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White Paper


Business and Applications

  AeroMACS: Delivering Next Generation Communications to the Airport Surface

  WiMAX Advanced: Deployment Scenarios Based on Input from WiMAX Operators and Vendors

  Assessing Spectrum Requirements for Smart Grid Networks

  WiMAX Advanced to Harmonize with TD-LTE in the 2.3, 2.5 & 3.5GHz Bands: Opportunities & Challenges for WiMAX 2

  Migration from WiMAX® Release 1 to Release 2 Part 2: Air Interface Migration with Network Reuse

  WiMAX VoIP Solutions for 4G Networks

  WiMAX: A Way Forward in India

  The Next Step in the WiMAX Migration Path: 802.16e Enhanced

  WiMAX and the IEEE 802.16m Air Interface Standard

  WiMAX™, HSPA+, and LTE: A Comparative Analysis

  WiMAX Forum Roaming Models White Paper

  WiMAX Applications for Utilities

  Deployment of Mobile WiMAX Networks by Operators with Existing 2G & 3G Networks

  Service Recommentations to Support Technology Neutral Allocations - FDDTDD Coexistence



  Managing TDD-FDD Interference between Co-Sited Base Stations deployed in Adjacent Frequency Blocks

  TDD-TDD Interference Analysis Involving Synchronized WiMAX Systems

  Practical Compatibility and Coexistence Measures Analysis

  WiMAX Spectrum Opportunities below 1 GHz

  Comparative Analysis of Spectrum Alternatives for WiMAX Networks with Scenarios Based on the US 700MHz Band

  WiMAX Forum Position Paper for WiMAX Technology in the 700 MHz Band


Certification & Testing

  The WiMAX Forum Certified Program


Mobile WiMAX Overview and Performance

  Radar/WiMAX Network Interference Mitigation

  An Analysis of the Benefits of Uplink MIMO in Mobile WiMAX Systems



  WiMAX and Health

  FAQ on RF Safety and WiMAX: Addressing Concerns about Perceived Health Effects


WiMAX Related Documents from Members & Third Parties

  Building A Wireless Network on WiMAX

  AeroMACS: A Common Platform for Air Traffic Management Applications

  Enabling the Next Generation in Air Traffic Management with AeroMACS

  WiMAX Technology Roadmap: The Path to Harmonization of 4G Technology Standards

  Drive Mobile WiMAX Adoption with Versatile Modems

  Pocket Modem Bringing Forth the Synergy between WiFi and WiMAX

  Positioning WiMAX as the Personal Broadband Technology

  WiMAX a Wireless Solution for Fixed Wireless Access in Emerging Markets

  Improving Indoor Coverage - How WiMAX Modem Can Play a Role in the WiMAX Subsystem

  3 Secrets to Capture the Mobile WiMAX Market

  UQ WiMAX Case Study - Setting Wireless Broadband Free

  EliteAAA Enables BSNL Rollout with WiMAX Services

  Empowering the Smart Grid with WiMAX

  WiMAX Series despite Yota, TDD Market Complexity Cannot Be Defined by One Carrier

  Compact Base Stations: A New Step in the Evolution of Base Station Design

  More than One Yota of Difference - April 2010 Update

  Can Beamforming Help WiMAX Operators to Lower Deployment and Operating Costs?

  Leveraging 802.16e WiMAX™ Technology in License-Exempt Bands

  WiMAX Success Story: How Packet One Did It

  WiMAX: The Quintessential Answer to Broadband in India

  Cross Border Coordination – Study by Analysys-Mason

  WiMAX Insight - by ZTE

  Ushering WiMAX to the Frontlines in Malaysia

  Green Packet - Mobile WiMAX Put to the Test

  WiTech: WiMAX CSN Whitepaper

  Towerstream: Redundancy Whitepaper

  Towerstream: Security Whitepaper

  Over-the-Air Provisioning for WiMAX Operators

  Streamlining Lawful Intercept for WiMAX Networks

  Don’t Even Think You Can Go Without Some Accurate and Professional Radio & Microwave Network Planning!

  WiMAX Commercial Launch: Are You Ready?

  Expanding the Reach of Health Care in Developing Nations with WiMAX

  How to Build a Reliable Business Case for a 3.65 GHz WiMAX Initiative in the US Using the TEA|WiMAX Business Case Analysis Tool

  Testing WiMAX performance in the Clear Network in Portland