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Since its foundation in 1988, TTA has been contributing to the advancement in related industries by way of standardization efforts and testing & certification services in the field of information and communication. In recent years, diverse areas, such as broadcasting, BT, NT, culture and education, are merging together with telecommunication, creating new areas of interest. With a view to helping industries better adopt to these changes, TTA has been supporting the related industries by providing them with information regarding emerging technology and standardization trends. TTA's homepage will not only disseminate information on standards, testing and certification, but also provide an arena to stimulate and strengthen discussion and cooperation among people in the industries, research institutes and universities. Also, TTA hopes these activities to be further invigorated in the future. TTA's customers are those who are involved in the IT industry. TTA will endeavor to provide customer-oriented service to satisfy customers and meet their needs. I will continue to work together with you to make TTA the 'World renowned standardization and testing & certification organization.'