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Company Information


Infomark Co., Ltd (""INFOMARK"") became an innovative leader in Korea in the industry of mobile communications and solutions since its inception in 2002. INFOMARK has produced a variety of applications and solutions in the field and successfully created significant volumes of domestic sales and, as a recent result, finished contracts with major international clients worldwide. INFOMARK is aiming at becoming one of the top global leaders in the industry of ""4G"" (the 4th generation of mobile communication and digital convergence) by the year 2010. The company's technological confidence comes from many years of experience in the field of CDMA/GSM-based mobile communication, mobile broadcasting for videos (mobile TV), and security for multimedia content protection with many innovative applications and products that the company has developed and commercialized over the years. INFOMARK has produced many innovative and competitive products and solutions for major mobile protocols (CDMA, GSM). Some of them are H.264 encoder, Wireless Authentication System for Banks, Smart Phones (CDMA,GSM based),Wireless PDA, MPEG-4 & H.264 DSP, DRM, Digital Watermark, and Digital Fingerprinting. INFORMARK's recent strategic focus on the development of global market share has been gathering attentions from both big and small international prospects who want to take their own competitiveness to the next level. INFOMARK understands the way its products are delivered is as equally important as the quality itself. INFOMARK will strive to maintain complete satisfaction for its clients for their need from purchasing INFOMARK's products to packaging and delivering their own products successfully to their own clients.